Illustrated Word ICAD Challenge 2015

May 22, 2015

ICAD 2015 challengeWelcome to the first annual Illustrated Word Index Card a Day Challenge. Riffing off of several ideas/challenges I’ve seen online, I’m starting a new one. Last year I participated in the Index Card a Day (ICAD) started by Daisy Yellow Art. It’s a creative challenge to:

Starting June 1, Create something on a 3×5″ index card every day for 61 days. On the back of each card, add a number to keep track of your progress. ICAD #1, #2, etc. Whatever day you start, it is your own official ICAD #1. Motto: You do not need to catch up, just start.

I challenged myself to learn how to doodle. Doodling daily, I started strong, but petered out a few weeks into the challenge. Possibly because I’m lazy. Possibly because there was no sign-up/accountability.

During this doodle obsession I came across some pins on Pinterest called Illustrated Faith, where folks were doodling inside their Bibles. I mean, right over the words and everything! It was beautiful. But…over the words…what if I make an ugly mess–can’t rip out the page!

Follow Shonna Slayton–YA Author’s board Design: Doodling on Pinterest.

So before I start drawing in my Bible I need practice. I need accountability. I need friends to do this with!

Video on Hand Lettering for beginners:

This could be so much fun that I figure my bookish friends will want to jump in. Since not all of you want to illustrate Bible verses, I thought I would open the the challenge to words in general. You can illustrate simple words like love, summer, or joy. Or pull your favorite book quotes and add some flourishes. If you’ve got something to show, leave a comment with a link so we can see it!

8 responses to Illustrated Word ICAD Challenge 2015

  1. This is a super cool idea! I am going to take the week to figure out if I can realistically commit to participating and bookmark this post in the mean time. I might put my own little twist on it!
    Stopping by on the AtoZ Road Trip!

  2. Oh my goodness! When you commented on my blog I had no idea that this was you!! I actually tried to get your book (Cinderella’s Dress) on NetGalley, but the digital copy expired before I could get to it. I was so bummed. Now I have even more reason to track down a copy to read!

    • Elle, how fun! Looks like I’ve found another kindred spirit. You’ve got such a great blog. Glad I met you on the A to Z road trip!

  3. Love this idea so much I’m going to have my school ager kiddos at daycare start doodling cards at nap time when the babies are asleep. I’ll have to see if you’d allow one of them to contribute daily? Maybe me too? Glad to find your blog on the Road Trip 🙂

    • Stephanie, I’d love to see what your kids come up with. You can post a link in the comments whenever you have a new index card posted.

  4. Using this as a way to force myself to spend a few minutes every day being creative. Look forward to seeing others’ works.