For the A to Z blogging challenge I’ve decided to blog about the 1940′s. And in the spirit of the 1940′s, at the end of the month, I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of one of my favorite books, Summer at Tiffany, to one of my newsletter subscribers (sign-up on the sidebar if you are so inclined.) It’s a light-hearted memoir of two college girls let loose in New York City for a summer. What a hoot.

FOh, the bobbysoxers! Before One Direction, before the Beetles, before Elvis, there was Frank Sinatra, Mr. Blue Eyes himself.

His fans were coined bobbysoxers because they wore rolled down socks with their saddle shoes and oxfords. On October 12, 1944 at a New York performance at the Paramount Theater, a riot broke out as hundreds of girls started lining up at midnight for the next day’s show. In all, about 30,000 teen girls descended on Times Square.

From the Guardian:
The New Republic editor Bruce Bliven called it “a phenomenon of mass hysteria that is only seen two or three times in a century. You need to go back not merely to Lindbergh [Charles Lindbergh’s first flight] and Valentino to understand it, but to the dance madness that overtook some German villages in the middle ages, or to the Children’s Crusade.” What was new was the power that one singer held, heralded by mass screaming, and the advent of the teenager as a social ideal. Sinatra was the first modern pop star.

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