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C.S. Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia, gave a series of broadcasts for the BBC during WWII. England was under attack in ways that people in America could only imagine. During night raids in London families would sleep in the underground railway system for safety. Can you imagine?

To this generation, C. S. Lewis was asked to speak. To explain in layman’s terms what Christians believe. To unite and uplift the people enduring blackouts, rationing, and constant bombings. To comfort a suffering people.

C.S. Lewis In A Time Of War

A layman himself, Lewis was well chosen to explain Christian belief, as it was while he was trying to disprove Christianity, he became a Christ follower.

These fifteen minute talks had a profound effect on the people of the time, and led to Lewis writing Mere Christianity, a pivotal book in the field of apologetics.

C. S. Lewis at War: The Dramatic Story Behind Mere Christianity (Radio Theatre)

Here is a video of the voice-actors who perform the audio version:

C.S Lewis’s surviving BBC radio address

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