Monday, March 6, early screenings of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast were held across America at select Imax theaters. I was so excited to have scored two tickets…and then the night of learned that my two tickets were in fact tickets to stand in line to get tickets…and that I needed to have gone to the theater that morning when it opened to score the actual tickets. Okay, venting over. So instead of giving my own early review, I thought I’d post some more fun videos about the movie!

This is probably my favorite youtube review of Beauty and the Beast so far:

And for you behind-the-scenes nuts, here is a fascinating video showing the crew and actors working. I’ve got a teenager with the acting bug, so it’s great to be able to show her how her school play practices are similar to filming a movie.

And if you haven’t read my Beauty and the Beast short story called Beginnings, click here to get it. It’s my own re-imagining of a new beginning for the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale to tide my readers over while I sketch out my next novel.

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