1940’s A to Z

survivor-atoz [2015] - 2

For the 2015 Blogging from A to Z challenge in April, I wrote 26 posts about the 1940’s. Some of these events are tie-ins with my young adult novels set in 1944-1947. As I have time, I’ll go back in and mark the page numbers to show where these 1940’s references show up in my novels.

A is for Automat

B is for Bond Drives

C is for C.S. Lewis at War

D is for Dior

E is for Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth

F is for Frank Sinatra 1944 Columbus Day Riots

G is for Gene Moore, Window Display Artist

H is for 1940’s Hairstyles

I is forĀ Inventions from WWII

J is for Sweetheart Jewelry from WWII

K is for Kiss Me Kate 1948 Broadway Musical

L is for Letters Home

M is forĀ Monuments Men

N is for Nylon Stockings

O is for Oswego Emergency Refugee Shelter

P is for President Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer

Q is for the RMS Queen Mary

R is for Eleanor Roosevelt

S is for Seventeen Magazine

T is for Tupperware

U is for United States Committee for the Care of European Children

V is for Victory Book Campaign

W is for Window Dressers

X is for Top Secret Activities of Ordinary People During WWII

Y is for Your Hit Parade

Z is for Zookeepers Wife