A is for AutographWith my book launch looming (T minus 2 months, 2 days) for Cinderella’s Dress, I’m analyzing what other authors do for book signings. One of my favorite fan-girl moments is seeing the unique ways in which authors autograph their books. Some have specific sayings for specific books. Others just sign their names and add the date. And still others–those with artistic bent–

J S Lewis AutographJ S Lewis Autograph drawing

draw a little picture (or a big one, if they have time.)

While something like the above is a super-cool autograph to have as a reader…it puts a lot of pressure on a debut author. *thanks guys*

And so, I sit and mull over how I will sign books. (I know, aspiring authors, this is a good problem to have, and one day you will go through it, too. Better bookmark/pin this page for ideas.)

So far, in preparation for my signing events, I’ve attempted to come up with a dress doodle I can add to my title page. But I’m not consistent, and if I draw¬†too quickly, it looks more like a scribble than a doodle. I’m thinking of getting a dress stamp from the craft store instead.

I also need to come up with a good catch phrase related to one of the themes or characters in the book.

And lastly, I need to decide if I’m going to print or write my name. Why am I even thinking about this? Well, back in junior high, several of my friends decided to fancy up our cursive. I went from having the standard cursive “S” to a letter that looks a bit like a cursive “D.” The trouble is, when I think about my signature too much (like when writing checks) I sometimes forget how to write my initial letter. Since I have an “S” in both my names, I’m liable to choke twice. (Yes, Sumita, if you are reading this, my autograph angst is all because of you and your cursive influence!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these samples of author autographs my family has collected over the years. We have enjoyed standing in the signing lines, waiting to tell the authors how much we like their books, and then walking away while peeking inside the cover to see what they wrote.

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