The countdown is on for the highly-anticipated follow-up book from Cinderella’s Dress. Cinderella’s Shoes concludes this 1940’s fairy tale as Kate travels to Europe in search of the magical shoes. Don’t risk seeing spoilers: add it to your Goodreads list and pre-order from your favorite bookseller today.

When I was a kid I wondered why all Cinderella’s magical items disappeared….except for the shoes. What selective magic is this?

What would happen if the dress survived the midnight countdown? What would Cinderella do with it? I bet she’d want her daughter to have it. And her granddaughter…and so on. This is one of the story sparks that led me to write Cinderella’s Dress, a YA fairy tale set in the 1940’s. The story continues in Cinderella’s Shoes (Fall 2015).

If you are a fan of history and a fan of fairy tales, you are a kindred spirit, and I invite you to look around the website.

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